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  • Xtreme Xmas: Dune Raider Sandboarding’s Bedouin Christmas Getaway

    final christmes dinner 2-01

    There’s a certain type of nostalgia that feeds the soul when it comes to Christmas. It’s a little cliched, but there are few things that can beat the prospect of spending the festivities indoors, eating double your body mass and vegging-out in front of the TV while watching Home Alone.

    Now, we don’t have snow, but we do have a vast desert of sand;  something the guys and gals of Dune Raider Sandboarding know all too well. Putting a distinctly Bedouin-spin on proceedings, Dune Raider is set to whisk away a handful of adventurers to Zwara Eco-Lodge in the Fayoum Oasis for a very different Christmas experience.

    The two-day trip begins on Christmas day and is set to feature a whole host of entertainment, food and general merriment with a packed schedule that includes a Bedouin dining set-up, a visit to Medawara Mountain and a spot of sandboarding at Magic Lake, amongst other things.

    What's more is that you can have all of this for a mere 650LE (720LE for foreign devils) - a sum that includes everything, including transportation and accommodation.They really have everything covered, too; not a fan of turkey? That's cool, because there will also be BBQ chicken, kofta and lamb. Not a meat-eater? Don't worry about it - there's a huge salad bar and some 'special' rice and pasta options.

    Just to repeat - that's 650LE.I spend that easily on one night at Alchemy and all I get in return is a morning hangover and a wallet full of regrets.

    Photo courtesy of Zwara Facebook page.

    What's the catch? There is no catch; you just need to arrive with an up-and-at-them attitude - these sandboarding guys are pretty hardcore.

    Fore more information and reservations, call 0128 545 2447. For a full rundown of the schedule, click here.