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  • World Environment Day: Taking a Look Back at Egyptian Initiatives to Save the Planet


    Today, the 5th of June, marks a very important occasion for our Mother Nature, it’s World Environment Day. Our beloved planet has been deteriorating progressively because of our irresponsible human impact. Fortunately, Egypt has become noticeably conscious about saving the environment.

    To commemorate this event and encourage you to join the force, we decided to take a look back at how Egyptians chose to make a difference. 

    The rise of eco-friendly brands


    With the increase in awareness, many brands are taking the eco-friendly path and promoting it as a lifestyle. Those include brands like Up-fuse; selling super cool bags from recycled material, as well as Urban Earthlings; where you could buy tote bags, reusable straws, and menstrual cups. 

    Recycling services


    Recycling has been around for ages, however, not as trending as it has become right now. Services like Trash4Cash and Go Clean have gained popularity and raised awareness. That resulted in more people trading their trash for cash or household products.

    The Red Sea went plastic-free


    Also, earlier this year, the Red Sea governorate has officially banned single-use plastics.

    Earth Keepers


    While 1,000,000+ active Egyptian Facebook users decided to become Kersh Keepers, a small community of 2,000+ members decided to save the planet instead. Check out the group for some very useful tips.

    Tote bags became popular

    Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 8.07.49 PM

    In light of reducing plastic waste, tote bags have grown in popularity. And only recently, product design startup, Drumstick, has dropped a tote bag at Seoudi Supermarkets’ Maadi branches. It went viral and was the talk of the town for a while. Don’t forget to check out the list of tips we put together with Drumstick to help you reduce your plastic waste. 

    Grassroots movements 


    Alexandria Turtle and Wildlife Rescue Team

    Even though this noble NGO has been there for around two years now, their initiatives and activities have become highly noticeable lately. From rescuing endangered sea turtles in Alexandria to bringing animals back to the wild, the team truly deserves a round of applause.


    Because the Nile is Egypt’s primary source of survival, Verynile became the first large-scale initiative to clean the river, one kilo at a time. You’d better keep an eye out for their cleaning and awareness events. 

     Dahab Defenders

    Remember the dedicated group of divers that stood up for Dahab’s wonderful Blue Hole earlier this year? Well, they didn’t stop after the famed petition, they’re still raising awareness about saving the environment and marine life.

    Bedouin Cleaning Up

    Since Bedouins have always known the true value of nature, they launched this initiative in Dahab in an attempt to protect the corals and turn the beautiful beach town into a trash-free zone.  

    Thank you for everyone who’s put any kind of effort, even if minimal, to help save our planet from our reckless actions. Please make sure to check out the previously mentioned amazing initiatives and try to contribute. Remember, real change only starts from within.



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