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    Do you think Red bull is just an energy drink ? its a lot more than that ! They have a DJ roaster, they own planes, helicopters, Formula 1 cars, they manage racing teams, BMX, Dancers, they sponsor events. They do Cliff Diving, Air Race, Dirt bike fighters, crashed ice series  hell http://www.redbull.com/cs/Satellite/en_INT/World-Series/001242745950198 … and when you work for REDBULL your job is not just to sell redbull its a lot more than that. ITS pr the product, its PR the brand name. Its to show off energy. Today’s morning interview with Amr Helmy, as his business card says “Culture Marketing Specialist”  about how it is like to work for the BULL !!

    Is it true, on the first day of working with redbull, they give you WINGS?

    Hahahahaaa, they give me wings alright! On my first day I experienced an 11 hour drive to Siwa, an all nighter and a 5 AM wake up call to get on the move again sealed by a 9 hour drive back to cairo… funny part is the dancing in the car with the Red Bull team never stopped. How’s that for wings in the first day? LOL

    Is it true, that you a bull that happens to be red trapped in your office?

    The bull that happens to be red is the true part, the trapped?? Hell yea! You’re trapped in a crazy office full of other lunatics running around! our office is so much fun that we have our part timer team come and hang out on FRIDAYS! To practice their guitar hero skills J

    Seriously, what are the advantages of working with Redbull?

    1. You get to drink a lot of Red Bull
    2. You meet athletes from all over the world (and we’re not talking tennis and soccer players.. we’re talking bad ass FMX bikers)
    3. You become part of creating, organizing and experiencing local and international events that no other brand can do.
    4. There is no such thing as you’re too young or you’re new in the company, if you’re good you can go places
    5. We have fantastic stickers!
    6. You get to interact and work with Red Bull people from around the world and the weird thing is… we all just get along fine! If there’s a meeting somewhere in the world, our “after meeting” parties are the craziest!!!

    My list is endless but I’ll stop here…

    What about traveling perks?

    Ok let me put it this way, fantastic team, amazing events, luxurious treatment and after parties you would die for! As for the locations… let me just tell you our GM has his business planning meeting for 2013 in Ibiza… Do I need to say more :p

    What’s the most fun part of the job?

    Events time! Starting with the whole team on site, with everyone screaming and tearing their hair out in an all-night fiasco up until the moment when you see the event happening and the people amazed and you feel like all the shit from shit from the days before is nothing compared to that feeling of accomplishment, and that final team picture that everyone jumps into is indescribable.

    There is no job that is all fun, what is the hard part of the job?

    Putting the above aside, you’ll be surprised how much work gets done. The team is professional and we believe in our values all the way through. And of course there is the pressure, long hours, and the bar is really high, apart from the numbers and paper works that still needs to get done.

    How many red-bulls a day do you drink?

    Normally, I have 2 cans per day, sometime more if I have loads of work and haven’t gotten enough sleep. But it really varies from one person to the other. Everyone is different.

    Is drinking redbull mandatory? What happens if someone doesn’t drink redbull and works for redbull ?

    No but When you meet that person, let me know J

    Why do you think working with redbull is the greatest job on earth?

    I know that my job is the greatest on earth because when I wake up in the morning I actually want to go to the office, because when im spending long nights im actually having fun and when I meet new people and they know I work for Red Bull, the whole conversation turns towards me and more often than not my last name becomes red bull on their phones.

    When I was first hired I was told something that has been proving itself everyday,

    “Red Bull is not a job, it’s a lifestyle”