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  • Winter Wonderland: Festive Day Out in Zamalek


    Brought to you by the nice people at Wasabi Events – the same group behind Cairo Flea Market – the Aquarium Grotto Garden is set to host Winter Wonderland to brighten up the murky January skies looming over Cairo on Saturday 18th of January.

    Visitors can look forward to a day shopping from vendors selling everything from jewelry and handicrafts to antiques and gadgets, while various children’s activities will keep the little ones busy. Throw in plenty of food and some live music, and you have a veritable rainbow of all the good things in life.

    So lap up the festive atmosphere while it’s still cold, because if this year’s winter is anything to go by, summer is going to be scorching.

    For more information on Winter Wonderland, call 0100 600 9918