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  • #Winner Takes Earth: Mysterious Symbols Appear Worldwide


    Mysterious bio-hazard symbols and the phrase ‘#WINNER TAKES EARTH’ have been appearing in Times Square, Rio de Janiero and London over the past few days, leaving locals confused but ultimately uninterested.

    Some have suggested that this lame-ass stunt is part of a PR drive for the upcoming Hunger Games sequel, which tells the story of a kid killing another kid who’s trying to kill another kid.

    In addition, pasty-faced men have been making random appearances at football matches across Europe, all donning long black cloaks featuring the same symbol, leading many to believe that this is the work of global sportswear powerhouse, Nike.

    But there's more! Naturally, no publicity stunt would be complete without a website that explains nothing it all, and here it is: www.mysteriouscircles.com. A little snooping reveals that the website's server name is - SPOILER ALERT -  Samsung.co.kr. So that settles that.

    As the world awaits more of these nonsense stunts, Twitter has whirled into a frenzy because the evil geniuses behind the campaign put a hashtag in front of it. Whatever. Tahrir Laser Man did it first.