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  • Wings Coming to Cairo


    So redbull keeps up entertained with different events every now and then ! and this time they are bringing their REAL wings for the first time to Cairo !  well here is what redbull have to say


    People of Cairo, lift your heads up to the sky and see what you have never seen before! For the FIRST time in Cairo, the Flying Bulls are coming to town to cut through the clouds over your very own Nile.
    They will blow your mind and give you a spectacular show that will leave your mouths wide open and your necks strained.

    It is going to be quite fast, you REALLY wouldn’t want to miss it!

    The event is open for the public and the best watching areas are:
    1. Kobry Asr El Nil
    2. Kobry El Gam3a

    Stay tuned for more info soon!

    Twitter: @RedBullEG Hashtag: #NileFlight