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  • Win, Shop, & Party during Cairo Festival City Mall’s 5th Anniversary Celebration


    For the past few years, Cairo Festival City Mall (CFCM) has seen people coming all the way from the edges of the city to shop, eat, attend concerts, and more. In keeping with this fun spirit, CFCM is doing more during their 5th-anniversary celebration.

    The 5th-anniversary celebration, which runs from the 8th of November to the 7th ofDecember, is all about CFCM’s genuine interest in thanking all those who have supported the mall and helped it become one of the top shopping and entertainment destinations in Egypt.

    So far, CFCM has been hosting a celebration journey for customers who’ve made purchases of EGP1000, where the participants are offered Mega Gifts (we imagine it to be something pretty cool). This Mega Gift could also be won during the Happy Hour; whoever spent the most money, will get the gift.


    Another way CFCM is intent on making you happy is through the Daily Pop-up Surprises; once going through all activations you get to enjoy an exceptional experience in CFCM celebration box; you either get vouchers for stores, or a VIP trip to Paris.

    And hey, none of you should forget about black Friday! CFCM, along with the local & international brands it hosts, are having some mind-blowing discounts that will get you spending all the dimes you’ve earned over the past years.

    Last on the list of entertainment, but definitely not the least, are the big concerts the mall hosts. On the 16th of November, CFCM hosted Tamer Hosny, and up next, was Amr Diab’s concert on the 30th of November.

    One more reason CFCM has been an attraction for many years, is that its list of food options is full of equally amazing delicacies, and you get to choose which to have, any time of the year.