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  • Why Won’t Blackberry Die Already?


    You’d have to be living under a rock to have in some way not come across the news of mobile phone manufacturer BlackBerry’s struggles to stay afloat in the smartphone market. Luckily though, the amount of articles I’ve read and ‘expert’ opinions I’ve scrutinized has given me special insight into the matter to confidently ask: why won’t BlackBerry just die already?

    With the release of the BBM app on iOS and Android, BlackBerry began a pathetic public campaign to reinstate their reputation, including giving out their newer phones to celebrities and rich sheiks; because apparently, losing money doesn’t count when it’s a company decision.

    Someone over there also thought it would be a good idea to fire their CEO but keep r&b singer, Alicia Keys, on payroll as ‘Creative Director’. Another interesting financial decision was to publish 30 full-page ads instead of, oh I don’t know; invest in R&D.

    No one likes desperation, and that’s exactly what BlackBerry is starting to reek of; honestly, I find it unsettling that a multinational company is behaving like yours truly after a particularly rough break up. Makes me want to invite them over for a gallon of ice cream and a good cry while watching Gone with the Wind.