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  • Why Morsi trip to Germany was a failure?


    You know what is the worst thing one could have, its a credit card. Why ? because if you have credit card, no matter how much you pay to it, you end up still paying penalties and interest on it. End up then paying a lot more if not the same as you borrowed. True story, ask a credit card addict.

    Well Egypt owes the world money, its natural, every country has debt. Just look at the US its swimming in it.

    Morsi visit to Germany had actually two goals, as the Guardian said

    “The Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, has sought to reassure the German government that he is committed to leading his country on the road to democracy as he seeks funding and relief on €240m of debt amid concerns that his country is sliding into deeper chaos”

    Morsi was not able to succeed in securing either. The debit & aid where dependent on that Egypt would have a clear pass to path to democracy, which so far some  German politicians expressed fears that Egypt might be heading towards a dictatorship.

    The german newspaper Speigel said this

    Right in the middle of the biggest crisis of his presidency, Egyptian President  Mohammed Morsi has come to Germany. Morsi had been hoping Berlin would forgive hundreds of millions of euros in debt. He ended up getting something far less tangible: advice on how to run his country.”

    However the press conference that was run was actually a week one, where no one asked on how could he leave his country in such crisis, with little emphasis on what is currently happening or the death we have seen. Instead it somehow focused … drum roll… Israel/Palestine and Syria.


    Speigel : http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/merkel-pledges-no-new-aid-during-visit-by-egyptian-leader-to-berlin-a-880613.html

    The Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jan/30/mohamed-morsi-germany-egypt-democracy