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  • Why June 30? and what next?


    Its been a question on my mind? Why june 30th, I mean yes I understand that is the one year since Morsi took office, but a sunday?

    Then it hit me, a lot of us are not going to be in in Cairo anyway on the 27/28/29 because lets face it half the population would be on the beach, it is the reality, so the fact  that it would take place on a sunday is actually more effective as more people would be in town then, and it also gives a full work week where who knows what might happen?!

    The question that is on my head though, what after june 30? will it be just june 30 then we leave an continue everything as is on July 1st or would it be a week long or two week long or would take as much time as it needs till morsi steps down?

    I feel there is a lack of organisation of what happens after we go to the streets! what next?