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  • Why It Won’t End


    Let’s take a moment to think of the bigger picture. I’m not saying we ignore the clashes, the violence or the ever increasing death toll, but let’s put those thoughts on hold for a moment. The reason these are all happening is because we’re all sick and tired with the new dictatorship’s inadequacy, Nazi-like policies, economic handling, etc. so we (and by we I don’t mean our bubble, I mean the millions across the nation) have decided once again to stand up for our selves.

    Now, that being said, I can safely assume that the motivation behind all this shit that’s going on is the intent to overthrow his (I’ve developed a fear of getting tongue cancer from saying his name) regime. We’ve all been noticing and saying how events are unfolding almost identically to when the same rage was fueled towards Mubarak two years ago. How Ra2ees el Kherfan is making the same exact mistakes that his predecessors made. So why is it that we’re making the same ones? Why is it that we’re pushing for a toppled regime without a follow-up plan. Similar to 2011, we have no leader. The madaneyeen are united by a common enemy, that is all. What will happen when that common enemy goes? The good thing is that assuming he does leave, and another power struggle takes place, the Islamists are out of the picture for good. But will we be divided, again, when this inevitable power struggle occurs?

    In my opinion, or rather, if I was the president, the easiest thing for me to do would be to resign. Divide and conquer. Eliminate the common enemy that unites the liberals or madaneyeen and watch them weaken. Then I would return, smarter (Natenyahu’s more likely to give back occupied territories to the Palestinians before Morsi becomes smarter) and stronger than before. Not that that would ever happen, but I’m just trying to highlight the importance of us being united by more than a common enemy. This kind of unity is shallow and weak and will not last. In order for us to move forward, we have to remember that, and unite with stronger reinforcements.

    The last (I realize I’ve only actually given one prior to this) reason I think this will not end is because of the rioters. I’m not talking about those among us who I have so much respect for for going out there and fighting for us, I’m talking about the motasaweleen kids who are fighting without knowing what they’re fighting for. The kids throwing rocks and playing hot potato with tear gas canisters in hopes that a stray bullet will take them on the fast-track to heaven and a hell-lotta virgins. The people who will stay in their tents in Tahrir after getting what they wanted with a sense of lostness. The people whom this thwara has given, what they feel is, purpose, who would otherwise have none. These are the people who will continue to incite violence and rebel without a thought or a clue as to why, and will drive and lead a directionless revolution that will go around in circles.

    This is basically a rant and ramble to fill up my CG posts archive, but also a call to stop and think of the bigger picture. Think two steps ahead of your enemy. I’ve been thinking of this whole political shit game we’ve found ourselves in the middle of like game of chess ever since the constitutional decree. In chess we have to play smart. We have to think smart and plan ahead. We have to look at the whole board, not just the next kill. Eating the most soldiers does not mean you win the game. Playing smart and knowing what your next step is, however, does. This is the end of my rant. I would never read something this long so I doubt any of you have reached here, but if you have, think smart, fight smart and stay safe.