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  • Why do women buy bags?

    Hermes Birkin Ostrich Leather Handbags Black 1_1

    have you ever thought why do women buy expensive bags, a HERMES BERKIN can range anything from 3,000 usd unto 50,000 ! why do women buy such bags, is it to impress the man, for sure the man doesn’t understand the difference between this one and that one ?

    One can argue, why does a man buy a rolex or cartier watch that can upto also 50,000USD ? is it to impress the woman ? well, yea some women know a man with a good watch, but they wouldn’t really know the difference between the 15,000 and 50,000 one would they ?

    So why the splurge if its not really to attract the people … well the only solution i can think of its a status symbol. Woman buy bags to establish their status among other women of the society, men buy watches to do same. So when you buy a 50,000 dollar bag, what you really paying for more than the product, is that status associated with it rather than the actual thing.

    What do you think ?