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  • Who / What is Black Bloc !


    have you heard about the news that Muslim Brother headquarters got burnt down in 6th of october  ? it was first reported on Black Bloc,  then on ahram “Four armed assailants have attempted to torch the headquarters of the Freedom and Justice Party in Sixth October City. ”

    I naturally asked who is black block? and the mother of all answers came from Wikipedia! 

    ” A black bloc is a tactic for protests and marches where individuals wear black clothing, scarves, sunglasses, ski masks, motorcycle helmets with padding, or other face-concealing and face-protecting items.[1][2] The clothing is used to conceal marchers’ identities, allow them to appear as one large unified mass, and promote solidarity.”

    well that is the international discription. Lets go more local to Egypt!

    well from what it seems its the latest movements of people who are going protecting the revolution along with ultras, eventhough i expect that members of both to be the same. their protest isnt about just peaceful purposes. its about causing civil disobedience  at 1:30 for example they posted this on one of the many facebook pages

    Check this facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BlackBlocairo