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  • Who is Shakhra zoom ?


    There is this  new facebook page that came up ! it goes by the name Shakhra zoom… you know that VULGAR VULGAR sound that boys and they look like pigs  !  well here is there profile https://www.facebook.com/Shakhrazoom

    Anyway when you look at the facebook page it gained 500 members in less than 5 days ! Why because it actually is a page that uses satire and sarcasm making fun of the scene ! You can tell from the posts they are doing, they are some what involved in the scene, have older friends and do go to AUC. Fahem Asdi ?

    i had a CHAT with them last night online ! (totally anonymous, i so want to figure out who they are )

    When i asked why is it called Shakhra zoom ?  isnt it a bit vulgar ?

    Shakhra Zoom said.

    that is exactly why i chose it! it represents everything thats against our community’s norms! We’d never use something like that in anything related to our parties, nightlife, or any other thing! It says it all! You don’t need to be fake or pretentious to have a good or glamourous life.

    Why such use of other profanity in your posts ? 

    if we include any kind of profanity, it is only to illustrate a truth that we’re all living.

    Why do you keep using FAHEM ASDI ?

    Its just something that i’ve heard everyone using in their convos! and to me it had absolutely no meaning!! but it sounded hilarious! so i use it in all my stories and i think that now that i use it so often it might BE our page’s catch phrase! not sure yet.