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  • Who is Reel Cairo ?

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    I thought hard before writing this post, afraid of backlash from unknown profiles & also i was afraid to give it legitimacy by talking about it. but i said fuck it!!!

    A week or so ago, facebook got another Cairo something profile. I Know coming for me is like seriously, WTF !

    so  ”REEL CAIRO”  came to facebook. Another anonymous profile on the scene the claims to be saying what the truth about the parties is ?

    ( I would like to point out here, that i was the second anonymous profile that came up in 2008 in egypt, after the first being scene & heard, and i am longest surviving one )

    Anyway so Mr. Reel says he uncovers the truth ?

    And truth to be told, i have seen zero truth! All that I have seen come out of him is talk about drugs, empty threats. Basically a useless profile.

    However it is entertaining to try to find out who he is! Again truth to be told, i am actually jealous for him, because I remember the days that i use to be anonymous before half the population found out who i am.

    So my two cents on this REEL Cairo, first if you really plan on exposing the truth, then do it stop beating around bush, secondly I understand your anonymous status, you will need if you are going to say truth opinion about parties, but do not use this anonymous status to launch personal attacks on people. Not cool. Finally dude, chill on the drugs or talking it so much, e7dass is not cool.