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  • Who is CAIROGOSSIP’s Fishie?


    It’s been 3 years and a half since the inception of Cairo Gossip, There is around 3,000 carefully selected people who are on the friend list of Kalam El Qahirah,

    only maybe 20% of them know who Fishie is, but even those who knows fishie’s identity, do they really know who fishie is?

    of those 20% only maybe 5% of them know what fishie really does for a living? what is ITs Day job?

    Only a few people actually have fishie’s real facebook profile.

    Today we are about to tell you who fishie really is,

    Fishie real story, why did fishie start cairogossip? What does fishie do for a living? Where is fishie? Why the fuck is fishie called fishie?

    wait.. no .. today is APRIL 1. Its april’s fools day. yea we fooled you, we wont tell you who fishie is. because fishie doesnt exist .. fishie is nothing but a fake mirage… an idiot.