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  • Where are the older people?


    When i use to go out 3 years ago, I would always find people my same age and older. So that means amongst the age bracket of 26-31.

    I use to frequent Tamarai, i knew the layout of it by heart, i know where everyone would be exactly sitting, I would walk through the place like it was a social club, high five the monkeys, shake hands with the sharks, dance with the flamingos. Incase you dont know who these are, well a few years back me (fishie) & kittie came up with some map, we called it the Tamarai animals, where we divided the Tamarai into kingdoms, the Monkeys were the people that danced next to the bar, the flamingos where the ones that danced next to the DJ, the Sharks where the ones that sat in the VIP section. That is a long story though, back to the main question. Where did the older generation go? How is it when going out now, the oldest person you see is around 24/25 with the exception of a few named people.

    This weekend, it doesnt matter where I was, whether it was Tamarai or Nacelle 75% of the people where under 25.  Tea Dance this time was exceptional where there was a sizeable number above 25 i think i would say 40-50% percent; which is an appropriate ratio, but that is not always the case.

    I heard rumours of some of them hanging out in Stage 1 and sometimes heading up to after party in Smakmak, but that is only 30-40 people, not more.

    Then the other day, as i opened my real facebook (which i do not do often) I got a facebook invite from a friend who recently gave birth to attend her baby shower, it hit me. With all those weddings we are going to, with all those babys coming out, the older people are at home, being all mature and responsible. But what about the older crowd that is not married yet, well they are in a state of depression, with all the shit going in the country, well could you blame them.

    Now i got to accept the fact that the older generation are not an outgoing anymore, and i am probably going to always be one of the oldest people in the party.