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  • When Ralph Met Alex: Biggest Names in Egyptian Fashion Welcome Ralph Lauren to Alexandria


    It pains us to admit, but Alexandria is cool – possibly cooler than Cairo. The food is better, summers are better spent there and the Alexandrian dialect is pretty sexy.

    It seems the world of fashion agrees, as the launch of the Egypt’s newest Ralph Lauren store at Alexandria’s Designia Mall proved. Coinciding with the brand’s release of its new fall/winter collection, some of the biggest names in fashion turned up at the seaside town, including models Yusuf Dwairi, Mohamed Ragab, Zayneb Azzam, Berna Ibrahim and Rachel Simpson, with the likes of Egyptian designer, Farah El Sayed, and acclaimed make-up artist, Dolly Yanny, weaving their magic, the latter with the help of Kriss Beauty Salons.

    Models photographing themselves – so meta…

    This gathering of the gorgeous also saw DJ SLim Nasr provide music and Crave provide some model-appropriate nibbles for guests who all went home with a nifty POLO beanie.

    While Alexandrians have welcomed the new Ralph Lauren with open arms, the event had a much bigger significance, showing how far the local fashion scene has come, as Egypt continues to welcome some of the biggest brands in the world while still cultivating a rapidly growing native fashion identity. It also means that, come summer time, Alexandria will be awash with Ralp Lauren polo-shirts.

    By Kalam El Qahaira