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  • When Gloria Met Yassmin: A Facebook Love Story


    Love it or hate it, no one can deny the almighty, ethereal and intangible power of social media. It’s brought down regimes, acted as possibly the best outlet for news and online interaction and now it’s even helped one young Egyptian achieve her décor- dreams, thanks to Gloria Ceramics. True story.

    Said young Egyptian goes by the name of Yassmin Sakr, who like many of us, was wistfully inquiring about the allegedly hotly-anticipated Gloria Ceramics 2016 collection, wanting to get a head-start before they’re released. Innocent enough, right?

    The barely-understood and murky algorithms of Facebook have taught us that the quicker a brand page replies, the better and so a swift response was all young Yassmin was expecting. Little did she know, however, that her passion for tiling and eagerness to get her hands on a particular unreleased model would amount to so much more.

    Seemingly touched by her story, the Gloria Ceramics bigwigs did more than just respond; they released the line just for her, understanding the old adage that time waits for no (wo)man (when it comes to decorating a house, that is).

    This whimsical fable of the little decorator that could, pays homage to Gloria Ceramics’ unyielding commitment to customer satisfaction, which in turn only goes to justify its standing as one of the best in the business. Stay tuned to part two of this riveting report, as we go catch up to Yassmin Sakr behind the scenes, as she takes her next step in this rather unexpected ceramic-based adventure. No, not really.

    For more information on Gloria Ceramics’, click here.