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  • Whatsapp Limits Messages Forwarding to Combat the Spread of Fake News


    The Guardian recently reported that Whatsapp will be restricting its users’ ability to forward messages to five times only.

    Yes, our relatives/lame friends won’t be spamming the whole family tree/everybody with their all-too-similar and outdated messages. However, Whatsapp’s intention is not as shallow as keeping those messages you so hate from getting to you.

    As reported by the Guardian, everyone around the world is being restricted in order to limit the spread of false information/rumours.

    Head of Communications at WhatsApp, Carl Woogm, told the Guardian that the limitation of five messages is reasonable enough to stay swiftly connected with friends without abusers wrecking it.

    In Whatsapp’s largest market, India, the application has facilitated “at least” 30 lynchings, according to the Guardian.  

    Previously the application had the limit set at 20, but apparently that wasn’t helping. We are, honestly, happy with such news ourselves. Shouldn’t they put it on broadcasts too, tho?