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  • whats your phone ?

    in the Egyptian high society you can have either one of two phones, either an iPhone or a Blackberry  !  Android based phones have no much cut it in egypt, eventhough globally it did. 

    But yesterday with the release of the new iPhone 4S one, and  the release of the new BlackBerry Bold Touch in Ramadan , one cant help but think that an upgrade of their own phone is much needed to keep up with the society’s latest fashion trends. thats not counting the phone bedazzling !

    so the question is which one to go for !! traditionally, people opted for the BBM to stay connected to their friends, and while others went for the iPhone because they wanted the performance, games, app and the apple bells and whistles ! Well, as you might have heard, all apple devices are now coming with a BBM like feature called iMessenger, combined with a shit load of new features such as their famous Speech Recognition, dubbed as SIRI !

    so the question is which one to get !!! well i asked a few of my friends, who have BBs, i was like so are you going to do shift now ? they said no not really because they wanted the keyboard, because eventhough the iphone might have the iMessnger … they still need the physical keyboard to type quicker ! Yet, another friend of mine said she is switching to iphone so that she can facetime with her family abroad ! (facetime is highquality like video calls)

    okay so i havent given an answer yet ! which phone is the winner!!

    here is another thought

    Traditionally iPhones was targeted for socialites in the states such as Paris Hilton, while blackberry was targeted for business users. Why do you think the blackberry is for business users, its because well the way that blackberry works with emails and syncornizes is based on it having its own servers to push data to the phones, which iphone doesnt have. i think iphone works on either the apps push info to it, or if not then it pulls the information itself which might cause a little bit of a delay which is not important in the case of non business users. 

    so now that iphone has iMessenger in it ? do you think that the tradition split will come back up ? iPhone for the socialites and Blackberry of the business users ?

    well CG’s prediction is that the next wave of new phones to come to the society will be for sure the iPhone, not only its because of all the new features you are getting in their operating system update, but also because well many people are getting tired of the blackberry fashion craze, as fergie says its so 2000 and late !!! but truth to be told !! the new blackberry is a sexy phone, every time i touch it or play with it … i am actually impressed so i myself am confused !





    Ahmed AK says:

    Thats a picture of iphone 4