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  • what went down this weekend!

    If you haven’t heard the biggest news this weekend was SEAN PENN being spotted in Tamarai. That’s not all what happened though Thursday started with le deck, as the party goers headed out to get decked out. The music was a complete blast… What do you expect when hosny is on the decks!

    Friday is the start of the usual migration of people who headed out to Tabla, and kittie says the places literarily on fire, even Mr. W was himself dancing all over the place.

    A bit more than south another kind of thing was happening, a few of the high society party goers headed out to gouna this weekend, partied it up, and well rumor has it samba was throwing a party there on a catamaran boat with mr big S himself there …. And a certain funny incident took place. but this is not the forum for discussing that as it is too public.

    Anyway till next weekend the long 6 october weekend