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  • What Not to Do on Tinder in Egypt


    Dear people who use Tinder in Egypt, we need to talk. Tinder is the world’s most popular dating app, meant for dating casually and even finding relationships, yet Tinder in Egypt feels a bit… different. Yeah, let’s say ‘different’. Here’s ten tips on what not to do.

    1. Don’t think you’re here to make friends…


    This is not another Facebook. You can’t write ‘only interested in friends’ or ‘no boyz allowed’. Saying you’re on Tinder to ‘make friends only’ is like a vegetarian going to a meat shop – POINTLESS.

    2. Stop posting photos of your kids!


    What is going on here? Why are these kids’ pics on your profile? Is this how you get dates? Do you even know what Tinder is for?

    3. Or of your wives!


    Seriously? Not cool, bro.

    4. Or your mothers!



    5. Don’t be this guy…


    Persistence really isn’t key, Ahmed. Also, it’s a good idea not to friend-request a girl you’ve just matched with, and give her more than two minutes after ‘Hi’ before you ask for her number. Try to be cool.

    6. Or this girl…


    Maybe we’re wrong. Maybe there’s a guy out there that wants a girl who’ll take a bullet to the head for him?

    7. Don’t lie about your age…


    Come on, dude.

    7. If you’re going to use a fake photo, at least use one that won’t be recognisable…


    “So, last night I got hit on by a dead president,” is not a sentence we ever want to say.

    8. Don’t be scary…


    Also known as ‘don’t pose with guns or knives’, ‘don’t threaten to beat or kill’, and ‘don’t extreme muscle flex unless this is your idea of impressing women’. If it is, then no.

    9. Don’t use Photoshop. Just don’t…


    Except this guy. This guy is brilliant.

    10. Don’t ‘catfish’ and pretend to be someone else…


    Catfishing on Tinder is inevitable, but women do talk to each other, especially when it comes to guys like Tom who also goes by Luca and several other aliases that he uses to harass women into sleeping with him. Tom is Egyptian – you can tell from his spelling. We also know this from the multiple women who matched with him. So just stop it….you will get caught.

    By Samar El Shams