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  • What NOT to Do in Cairo This Eid


    Eid Al-Adha  is just around the corner, and that means crowds (does anyone in Egypt just stay home?), mad music (the only acceptable time to get your ‘sha3by’ on) and mini ‘combellas’ (fire crackers). In short, Cairo is about to get cray-cray.

    So, because we care for your mental and physical well-being, here’s a list of things that you should absolutely, totally, 100% avoid during the long holiday – for your own safety.

    DON’T go to Citystars…

    shopping at city stars

    This mall in particular is notorious for its Eid crowds. You will be trampled; you’d be better off going on Hajj and at least scoring some major brownie points with God.

    DON’T try to enjoy nature…

    Enjoying nature (1)

    Now is not the time to take a trip to the park – unless you don’t mind sharing your picnic blanket. Every single patch of grass in Cairo will be claimed. #OccupyAzharPark

    DON’T go grocery shopping…

    going grocery shopping

    You will have to fight for that food….. if there’s any left. Apocalypse now?

    DON’T dress down…

    dressing down

    Yeah, it’s a holiday and you want to relax, but people are watching – and they’re judging your Eid outfit.

    DON’T try to make plans with your friends…

    trying to make plans with your friends

    They’re with their families. Indefinitely. Give up.

    DON’T try avoiding extended family members…

    avoiding extended family members

    They will find you, and they will hug/kiss you…

    DON’T start dieting…

    starting a diet

    Your mother has been cooking for days. You’re going to eat it….all.


     With that said, you’re better off just barricading yourself in your room – and on that note, Happy Eid!

    By Salma Thanatos Rizk