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  • What is your party ?!?!

    We love to party, dont we ? Chances you are reading this while recovering from a hang over last. However this post has nothing to do with that kind of wild party. This about political parties. 

    See Fishie here has minimal knoweledge about politics, eventhough it does read the newspaper a lot, and well parliment elections are creeping up on us, it actually starts in one month from now at the end of november. 

    Here is my thoughts, well one we always complain about the how if the Muslim Brotherhood wins, that our country would become totally ruined and we are going to loose our right to party. Which i am not sure about this statement, but oh well looking at Turkey, their version of the ikhawan are ruling and the country is more modern than european countries. Tunis just two days ago gone through the free first election post the arab spring, and well their islamic movement also won, but they declared that they are going to model the country after Turkey.

    i dont doubt that ikhawan will win the biggest share of the parliment, however it would be nice if they dont win the controlling majority. In order to ensure that i know its my duty to go and vote, and if you dont want that to happen then you have to go vote, too. Or just vote to make sure you are represented in this country.  The still question remains who to vote for ? is it Wafd because they are the oldest political opposition that is organized ? Or is it the new Party of sawiris Free Egyptians ? or is it El Ghad ? what about the million new parties that sprung up. Well that is something we have to embark, one start learning what is the objective of each party, start researching. I also highly recomment that you leave a comment on this post with your opinion on who to vote for and why. 

    So first is first, lets start with knowing what is the timetable of the elections