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  • What Did Misty&Hafez wear last night!


    Misty & Hafez, Like Paris Hilton & Tinker Bell, when they go on the decks they cause havoc, but when both dressed up in the same style it causes hurricane! Well that what happened last night, a hurricane of gossip evolved when they both wore the same design T’s

    They were wearing UNITY ! ( FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/UNTY.DCM )  A New Egyptian brand for T-Shirts. What i love about them is that they are personally hand drawn designs used to make a brand exclusive to those who find meaning to them. So they are be-spoke to say! Its also worth to check out their blog http://unty-rebirth.tumblr.com/ !

    so here are the two designs that Misty & Hafez wore last night ! they look hot.

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