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  • Wessam Salem’s (Campus mag’s Managing Editor) Essentials



    Today i am excited have the honor to have Wessam Salem, Managing Editor of campus magazine featured in our 7 essentials! we were so intrigued by his choice of Campus latest cover  that we had to know how he thinks, what goes through his head, what is essential for him !?

    Before we get into the essentials we asked him a question

    “What inspired you for the new campus cover? What about risks involved ? Etc “

    Wessam answer was;

     As for the cover, I had simply given up on humans; we’re too self-important, so I decided to interview a monkey! And what risks are you referring to? It’s just a monkey on cover of a magazine. It’s not my problem that some have major bat7as on their heads!

    and now onto the essentials!

    1. Batman: Converse shoes: They’re not the shoes I need. They’re the shoes I deserve.
    2. Women: Having them around is a constant reminder to how sane I actually am.
    3. Kebda we sogo2: Food of the Gods; they’re the inspiration behind every good idea I ever got. Well, not really, but they’re SUPER tasty, man.
    4. Deodorant: FIGHT THE FUNK!
    5. George Carlin: A true legend. He’s this time’s contemporary philosopher. I watch him religiously just to remind myself of man’s potential once he starts using his brain outside preset notions and frameworks.
    6. Ikhwanihalator: It has the same effect silver bullets have on werewolves.
    7. My beard: Because it’s the sex. Ladies?

    p.s. if you missed the magazine cover .. here it is :)