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  • Weshek Mesh Khashab: Happy, Sad, Angry – It’s All Good

    ponds MAIN

    Happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, shock, fear; there are so many emotions that we experience on a daily basis. In fact, scientists say that there are at least 21 common facial expressions that manifest these emotions. We would wager that, in Egypt, we have much more than 21 – an unfortunate side-effect of dealing with the ins and outs of modern life in Cairo.

    With that in mind, the saying, ‘it’s all over your face” starts to hit home as being more than a truism that more often than not comes from a place of judgement, especially when it comes to women; like, how dare you feel something and then let that feeling course through your veins, to your brain and then form a facial expression based on that feeling – right?

    It sounds absurd, but it’s something that beauty brand, Ponds, has placed a spotlight on with a new social experiment that proposes a very simple message: that expression is strength not weakness, whatever that expression might be.

    Under the tagline of, Expressions leave impressions, not lines and riding the wave of the hashtag, #weshek_mesh_khashab (trans: your face is not wood[en]), Ponds is calling for women of Egypt to break the shackles and let their emotions run wild.

    Are you happy? You should smile. Are you sad? Well, go ahead and frown. Are you angry? Then you should definitely furrow your brow, grit your teeth and maybe even let out a little snarl. As our own office experiment above shows, emotion can be powerful; its trigger is powerful; its expression is powerful.

    So liberate your expressions and Ponds will take of the lines – that’s the Ponds promise.

    For more on Ponds and weshek_mesh_khashab, click here.