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  • Welcome Back – My Fins are still kicking !

    So we have been down for a bit, i mean how can you guys live without me for 12 hours !! but the good news i am back up and kicking … and i still can blog from my phone !!

    Now here is the news tonight you have two parties going on.

    on one end of town there is the EXCLUSIVE BLACK, which guest list is fully closed, but on the other end of town on Yasso boat you Taha Mostafa and Ahmed Shawky rocking some Trancey tunes ( i personally am thinking of crashing that party after black … i.e. after PARTY !! ) but also i hear a huge amount of people are going there so that should be fun, here is the reservation number for the yasso party, 01001472886.

    Tomorrow on the other hand seems like there is 3 parties, and a wedding!!!!
    The partes are kicking off with the morning with the Brunch’N'Style that is taking place on the fairmont commemorating the 3rd year anniversary of Malak El Ezzawy which is thrown by …. YOUR KIND OF ENTERTAINMENT.
    Friday at night you have the “inventing” party at jazz, and the much anticipated STELLA 24 KARATs GOLD PARTY, The reason why its anticipated so much has nothing to do with the fact that stella actually won an award, but with the fact that EVENT REPUBLIC  is throwing it. (but we still love the stella beer)

    While the wedding is society sweetheart.. Dina Fahmy & Tro Guverrekian … so congrats to the happy couple !

    On other news .. thank you mo4 network for all the work you have done on upgrading the website … and i am sure working with FISHIE on this has not been easy considering its temperamental mood swings in order to achieve excellence :)