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  • We Know What Ramez Galal’s Prank is This Year…

    ramez galal 2017 header

    Ah, the show we love to hate will be airing on MBC Masr in a few weeks. Every year, Ramez Galal manages to simultaneously anger and entice people with his Ramadan prank show. We’re not sure who hates him more– the viewers, or the unfortunate Arab celebrity victims. He even manages to get an international famous figure to torture on his show every year.
    Last year, he trapped Hollywood Actor Antonio Banderas in a burning hotel building, and made the poor guy fight his way to the rooftop for survival. The year before, Ramez put Paris Hilton on a rickety plane and faked a crash landing. 


    Wondering what he’s got planned this season? No need to; we have the exclusive details! 

    For this Ramadan’s season, entitled ‘Ramez Ta7t El-2ard’ (‘Ramez Underground’), the unlucky guests will be invited to go on Lebanese TV host Nishan’s programme, but on the way to the set, their car will get stuck in quicksand. 


    It doesn’t end there; aside from thinking they are sinking on dry land, the guests will also find themselves come face-to-face with a komodo dragon– which are huge, measuring 2.6 meters long and weighing 79 – 91 kg. Oh, they also have a venomous bite, and can consume up to 80% of their body weight in one meal. Yeah, no reason to worry. 

    Really, there’s no reason– this particular komodo dragon won’t be lethal at all; it’s Ramez dressed in a costume. We are skeptical of how realistic said costume will be despite being designed by a foreign team, but judging by this photo, we’d probably believe it if it was a meter away and our glasses were off. 


    Who are Ramez’s victims this year, you ask? According to the producer, this season will see Actresses Rogina & Sara Salama, Football Player Ramadan Sobhi, Belly-Dancers Sama El-Masry & Dina, and Lebanese Singer/ TV Presenter Maya Diab– to name a few –on the show. 
    Singers Nancy Ajram and Latifa were said to have rejected invitations to ‘Nishan’s  show, and Lebanese TV Presenter Tony Khalifa allegedly was set to participate but found out about the prank before filming. 

    As for the catchy theme-song, this year’s tune was written by Poet Mohamed El-Bougha  and composed by Mohamed Abdel-Moniem, and will probably be stuck in our heads for at least half the month. 


    By Salma Anderson