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  • We are fucked… We are cursed.


    I am naturally an optimistic person. You always will see me seeing the best in people, the best in this country, or as one of my friends called it “Beauty in the Garabage.”

    See it all started long time ago, when this fishie was a well… a little fishie in a school.

    This little fishie swam overseas, saw different western cities, and then came back to the river that is called the nile.

    Fuck i wanted to kill myself, i wanted suffocate on my own bubbles. But a friend of mine showed me, sorry no taught me, that there is BEAUTY in garbage.  Things that  looks like shit, is actually beautiful, started discovering town house gallery, after 8, jazz club, back then there was Ritmo… and discovered also alot of other alternative stuff.

    Cairo was in-deed beautiful.

    Then REVOLUTION happened… fine fine there was beauty in that had friends over my house during it all, we had house parties, and we believed that everything was going to be for the best. We truly believed it. what idiots we were. fucking optimistic idiots.

    Then MORSI got elected. I  was like give him a chance, the brotherhood is close to Turkey and Qatar, they will bring us money, they are rich, oh boy was I fucking wrong. We got nothing but being cursed.

    Economy, our reserves dwindled to 13 Billion, we cant secure an IMF loan, we are running to war torn countries like Iraq to borrow money from, Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded Egypt’s government bond ratings to Caa1 from B3. C double lower case a, 1! What a joke. I think Lower case a, number 7, lower case a would have been a better rating a7a.

    then it becomes normal to read in the news that Our president has a FINGER fetish, that he wants to cut off all fingers, it is so so so so so normal to find in the news that they caught people who are diving under water.

    It becomes so normal that we don’t go to the streets and protest, because well we did protest before, and it got us nothing.

    So question what is our red line, that will motivate everyone to go to the street to do civil disobedience against Morsi? At the end of the day Ican’t think of any group happy with Morsi except his brotherhood and something of their flaky alies.

    In general, i actually for the first time in my life went from an optimistic fish to a pessimistic one. That is why you would have noticed why i havent done any political posts in a while, because what is the the fucking point? It always ends up the same mother fucking bullshit, we are fucked.