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  • Watch: WeRallinThisTogether’s Beautiful Message at WYF 2018

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    A collaboration opportunity arose for Mazen Yassin, AKA Just A GoProer, and photographer Coucla Refaat when they received an invitation to attend the World Youth Forum 2018 that was held in Sharm El Sheikh.

    With almost 5,000 young people with amazing potential from all over the world, it was apparent that it was too big of an opportunity to miss. Ideas flowed between the two creatives, and in the end, they settled on having their message be about the idea of connection and communication; a message from the world, to the world.

    They hope that this video would cultivate unity among the diverse people attending the forum, and around the world.

    “In an era where everything seems to happen so fast, and where many feel like they are all alone in their struggles and are constantly trying to keep up and catch up, sometimes feeling like their efforts are going to waste, we took the opportunity of being in the same place with youth from 163 different countries to send a message. We wanted the world to know that we all share the same feelings.”

     – Mazen Yassen & Coucla Refaat

    This video is one of many amazing videos that the content creator Mazen Yassin has sent out into the world. Mazen is known for being driven by wanderlust, embarking on new adventures, and more than anything, he loves doing new, innovative, and inspiring projects.