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  • Watch: ‘This is Egypt’ Video Shows There’s More to Egypt Than Just Cairo


    Everyone has had their say about the This is Egypt campaign over the last few months, with reactions ranging from igniting a new sense of patriotism, to igniting the same kind of pessimism and suspicion that has become habitual for Egyptians.

    I lay somewhere in the middle – yes, the obscene amount of money that has been handed over to a certain agency seems ridiculous, but at the same time, Egypt is in desperate need of a re-branding, of sorts. The problem is that when you mention Egypt the average Joe Bloggs (a distant relative of Folan El Folany) abroad, few people know anything of the country beyond Cairo, the Pyramids, the Sphinx, et al.

    But the latest This is Egypt promotional video, released today on YouTube, shines a light on the fact that there’s SO much more to Egypt than just Cairo and, despite almost threatening to turn into an iPhone commercial at one point, it’s beautiful. The pretty women running around laughing helps, I suppose.

    Damn. Tahya Masr for real.

    By Gemima Flashback