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  • Watch the First Glimpses of Bassem Youssef’s New US Show!


    After signing a deal with US-based multi-platform media network, Fusion, in February this year, Egyptian comedian, Bassem Youssef, has appeared – sporting a cool quiff – in his first sketch for the channel’s new digital platform, F-Comedy.

    The three-minute-plus video tackles Islamophobia with an infomercial parody…

    The short skit is kind of a big deal for Youssef, as he continues to develop his voice English-language comedy, but responses have thus far been largely positive; the video has racked up a respectable 27,000-plus views in less than three days.

    There will be more from Youssef on F-Comedy in July, when the former cardiologist debuts his new series, The Democracy Handbook, which is being produced by The Daily Show producer, Kathy Egan. The series is rumoured to be themed around Youssef’s exploration of the concept of democracy in the States and comes at an opportune time in the run-up to this year’s presidential elections.

    The show is another notch on Youssef’s increasingly notch-y belt; still a popular Egyptian figure despite being off of Egyptian airwaves since 2014, Youssef has been a Stateside hit.

    Stay tuned for more…

    By Kalam El Qahaira