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  • Watch: Mo Salah Has A Message for Egyptians


    After the unexpected injury to Egypt’s King, Mo Salah, in the UEFA final between Liverpool & Real Madrid, a lot of people all over the world were worried about Mo Salah’s ability to participate in the world cup.

    The past few weeks have seen more anticipation, worry, and “pessimistic” people bothering everyone with their “realistic” views on Mo Salah’s “expected” absence during the World Cup match.  

    Here is what one woman said…

    Caption says: “After all the attention Mo Salah is getting, do you think the rest of the team can perform well? 100 million Egyptians are treating the rest of the team like they are nothing, as if Mo Salah will be playing alone….” Bla bla bla… “Stop it with Mo Salah’s ads, hashtags; we are (she is) this close to hating him”… bla bla bla  

    Another guy said…

    Basically what the woman above said, and “we are putting too much pressure and responsibility on Salah that can affect his performance. This idea that the whole team is dependent on Mo Salah scares the living shit out of me. We are going to lose like Liverpool did because they were dependent on him for the hope he exudes and skill-set to score goals.”

    Some people argued that it is normal for Mo Salah to be the focus of everyone’s attention because of his achievements in the past year: scoring the qualifying goal for the FIFA World Cup 2018; winning several Player of the Month awards with Liverpool; winning the Premier Leagues’ Golden Boot; winning the African Player of the Year award; winning FWA Footballer of the Year award; and helping Liverpool reach the UEFA finals, etc… The other side also said that he represents more than just football, Egypt, Arabs or Muslims, he is God’s sent angel of hope for everyone; believe us when we say that, it’s not an exaggeration.  

    They even went to extreme lengths of arguing (assuming) that if any player of the Egyptian team achieved anything in the “upcoming” match (Egypt vs Uruguay), they would be getting the same attention as Mo Salah. Guess what, they did, and you can check out here how people responded to Egypt’s national team performance in the first World Cup match since 28 years!  

    So it is absolutely out of question that without Mo Salah, the team will feel like they are worthless or any of the bull mentioned above. Finally, if people still feel like they are pressuring Mo Salah, here is what he wants you to know…


    By Adel M. Fakhry

    Cover by Ahmed Kadry