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  • Watch: Americans React to Egyptian Actors & Singers on Instagram


    Ever wondered what Americans would think of our film and music stars? No, us neither, to be honest. But let’s take a look anyway. YouTube channel, Fomo Daily, has gained just under 188,000 subscribes and over 33 million views since it took to the world wide web with the aim of curating culture from around the world. What that translates into is Fomo sitting some guys and gals down in front of either music videos, film clips, or in this case, Instagram accounts, from across the globe and getting their reactions.

    One of the latest videos sees said guys and gals introduced to Amr Diab, Ahmed El Sakka, Amr Youssef, Tamer Hosny and even Ramez Galal. They are asked what they think each guy does for a living, before being let loose for a major Instagram-stalk, all the while providing a running commentary of quips, before they are asked whether they would ‘Like’, ‘DM’ or ‘Unfollow’ each one. It’s mildly amusing.

    They’ve also recently done the same with male Arab celebrities…

    …as well as with the video for Tamer Hosny’s monumental collaboration with Snoop Dogg, Si Al Sayed

    …and Haifa Wehbe’s Breathing You In.

    Alright, fine – we’ll stop now. For more Fomo Daily videos, click here.

    By Kalam El Qahaira