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  • Wash, Blow, Go: Five Reasons Al Sagheer’s Blow Dry Bar is Like, Super Addictive


    Mohamed Al Sagheer; beauty expert, innovator, holy deity for women in Egypt. By far the biggest name in the beauty game in Om El Donia, Al Sagheer Salons not only continue to grow in number and popularity, but also in innovative and quirky little concepts – and Cairo loves quirk.

    The latest brainchild of the Al Sagheer clan has come in the form of the Blow Dry Bar, located in Heliopolis shopping behemoth, Citystars. Having opened in June of this year, BDB has emerged a savior for Cairo’s on-the-go women and it’s quickly become a necessity for us gals for five very simple reasons…

    It Takes No More than 30 Minutes

    Yes, it takes a mere half-an-hour at BDB to get top results – and this is key to the concept’s popularity. Living, working, playing and just existing in Cairo while maintaining that you look ‘fly’ at all times is no easy task and BDB understands that better than your best-est BFF.

    Amici Are Cooking up Cocktails

    It’s not enough to look ‘fly’ – to truly be ‘fly’, you need to feel it, too, and what better way to achieve exactly that than to sip on one of the many virgin cocktails on offer courtesy of the skilled beverage technicians from Amici, who have set-up shop at BDB and offer seasonal cocktails for your thirst quenching needs – because looking this good ain’t easy *strike sassy pose, maybe even snap your fingers aggressively*.

     There are 9 Signature Styles to Choose From

    If like yours truly, the idea of having to ‘choose’ a hairstyle terrifies you to no end, you needn’t worry; BDB makes it easy, offering 9 different blow drying options, suitable for any occasion. Going to a black-tie event and need to make a statement? BDB got you. Going to the wedding of ‘the one that got away’ and need to outshine the bride? BDB sooo got you.

    You Can Rent Out the Place for You & Your Friends

    Yes, forget pre-gaming – it’s all about pre-blowing. Well, you know what we mean. Anyway, BDB can be hired out for 12 people, if you’re all going to an event – maybe the aforementioned wedding, for example. Personally, I don’t have that many friends and weddings scare me, but I imagine it’d be a great girly little bonding session. Sigh.

    You Can Also Get Manis & Pedis

    It wouldn’t be a true Mohamed Al Sagheer experience without a little bit of tender love and care to your hands and feet and while the season of open-toed shoes is slipping away from our (expertly manicured) fingers,  you can’t in good conscious expect to out-beauty that aforementioned bride without a mani and pedi. Now go get your man back.

    For more information on BDB, click here.

    By Gemima Flashback