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  • WARNING: There’s a Giant Duck on the Loose in Egypt, Invasion is Imminent

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    Cairo is a weird and wonderful land, where, around every corner, something that will make you gasp, yelp or raise your eyebrow in bemusement awaits; the latest of which is the noble duck – yes, you read that correctly, DUCK.

    A rather fetching giant duck has been seen waddling around Cairo, while Instagram feeds have been awash with rubber ducks, with some of the country’s top social media influencers getting creative with this most peculiar of animal invasions and pondering another life as a duck. A little investigative work (and by that we mean a quick search on Instagram and Facebook) has led us to the perpetrators – Mountain View.

     Nourhanne Eissa (nourhanneeisa)
    Nourhanne Eissa (@nourhanneeisa)

    Deena ElKhattam (deenaelkhattam)Deena ElKhattam (@deenaelkhattam)

    At this point, no one’s really sure what’s going on, but it has prompted Cairenes to reminisce about childhoods gone by – days spent by the ‘piscine’, weekends by the beach and maybe even bathtub tomfoolery.

     Nourhan Kandil (dr_nourhankandil)Nourhan Kandil (dr_nourhankandil)

    More investigations (and by that we mean looking at the billboards on the Mehwar) leads us to believe that this sneaky duck-domination has something to do with Mountain View’s True Essence of Summer campaign which has put something of a nostalgic shine on summer 2017, a recall of a happy moment we all lived to revive again in summer 2017, as holidaymakers flock to Mountain View Ras El Hekma.

     Berna Ibrahim (brnibrahim)Berna Ibrahim (@brnibrahim)

    This is all, of course, conjecture, but it has inspired us to get a little nostalgic ourselves. All we want to do right now is shout at our dads to watch us as we dive into the pool. Like the good old days.

    For more information, check out the #ElBatta craze on Instagram.