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  • Walls of Freedom: New German-Egyptian Book Looks at Graffiti in Cairo & the Egyptian Revolution


    Egyptian street art is everywhere; from the dark underside of 6th October Bridge to the face of Giza Zoo – and even on the sides of tanks. Since the January 25th Revolution, artists in Cairo have been in inspired form and as a city, Cairo has become a forerunner in Middle-Eastern revolutionary art.

    Now, the rest of the world is recognising this; graffiti artist and publisher, Don ‘Stone’ Karl, from Berlin (which an art critic once described as “the graffiti Mecca of the urban art world”), has compiled a book on urban graffiti in Egypt, Walls of Freedom, as part of his project Arabic Graffiti.

    Don Karl and artist/design professor, Basma Hamdy, tell the story of the 2011 Revolution using the fiery artworks on the street, as well as pictures of the Revolution from 50 photographers. They cover 30 artists, while zooming in on some of the movement’s most influential. The book also includes 20 essays from activists, artists and professors.

    This looks set to be a powerful collection, and will be a great way to see Egypt’s urban art long after it has been sadly wiped from the walls. Of course, graffiti’s so en vogue, that a few books on the subject have already been published; but we trust Ganzeer when he says that this is the only one he wants to read.

    It won’t be released until November 1st , but pre-order your copy here to make sure you get it as soon as it is.