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  • Wake up, your an idiot!

    The 100% Ikhawn

    The 100% Ikhawn

    Let me start off with if you are planning on boycotting the 2nd round of elections, then you are a fucking idiot !

    The first round was so so close, to having better people in the second round, but on 43% of the voters,  the remaining 57% who sat on their sofa while watching TV have helped by not going to vote in making the two contenders, Morsi & Shafeek !! if they would have went and voted even for anyone, the percentages at least of the winners would have changed!

    its no secret, that i dont like Shafeek, i mean his biggest accomplishment is an airport, an airline that isnt even that W.O.W, its just decent according to regular standards! and i obviously dont support an Ikwan 100% control of everything in the government !

    but being a democratic person, i have to accept the fact that 25% wanted shafeek and another 25% wanted morsi  ! so i will respect their choice, and accept the fact that these are my only options for now! accept the fact i have to make a choice between these two options even if they are shit, as i am not the majority vote any more, even if my minority is very very close to the majority (unless by some miracle the make the round 2 with 3 contestants !)

    point i am making you HAVE to vote ! because if you dont its as if you are giving your vote away