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  • Vodafone Egypt Accused of Secret Muslim Brotherhood Affiliation


    Vodafone Egypt has today found itself under investigation, after notorious nonsense peddler, Ahmed Spider, registered a complaint about the mobile network’s latest YouTube ad.

    The commercial shows YouTube puppet puppet sensation, Abla Fahita, trying to search for a lost SIM card; something that Mr Spider has interpreted as secret messages to Muslim Brotherhood members. Spider points to mentions of a mall security guard and a police dog as clues to the location of a potential MB terrorist attack, and has claimed that Mama Touta – a character that is mentioned in the ad, but not seen – is the Brotherhood’s secret name.

    Obviously, Vodafone categorically denies this nonsense, while the whereabouts of Abla Fahita  and her political affiliations are yet to be disclosed.

    Riveting stuff here, folks.