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  • US Embassy Tweets John Stewart show, and Egy Presidency responds


    Watching the twitter of Egyptian Presidency office, is like watching a high school kid tweeting.
    So the US Embassy tweeted earlier this day, the link to the video of john stewart segment on Bassem Youssef to Morsi.

    shortly after the Egyptian Presidency twitter replied back, as per the report on Al Dostor Al Asly website (link here) 

    I went to check later on the Egyptian Presidency twitter and didnt find that tweet, I would only assume that they deleted, however so interestingly found this on their facebook page, a statement regarding Bassem Youssef, and for those who watched Bassem Youssef interview with Amanpour last night would know that this is complete bullshit, as Mr. B said. This is the exact same tactics the Mubarak regime use to do. They would never put the president in direct line of accusing someone, so then later on the president would come out as the savoir.

    and while we are on facebook, US Embassy didn’t only TWEET The link it also facebooked it.  but the comments on it is priceless.. (Click here to read them)