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  • US embassy closed on June 30


    So the reaction of the US so far to tamrood and the stabbing of one of their own is pretty interesting; as per washington post,

    “Friday, the State Department advised against nonessential travel to Egypt and authorized the departure of a “limited” number of nonessential embassy personnel and family members. The U.S. Embassy said it would be closed Sunday, typically a working day in Egypt.President Obama discussed the unrest during a news conference in Pretoria, South Africa, on Saturday.“The United States supported democracy in Egypt. It’s been challenging given there has not been a tradition of democracy in Egypt. . . . Our most immediate concerns have to do with our embassies and consulates. We’ve been in direct contact with Egypt’s government and undertaken a range of planning to make sure we keep our embassies and consulates protected and our diplomats and personnel there safe.”

    So yea they are taking it damn serious and who knows they seem confused and dont know to work with  and while i am writing this post, 5 american diplomats have just left egypt with their families