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  • UNTY’s Teases Cairo with New FAUX PAS Collection


    Do you remember when Misty & Hafez wore those skully shirts with the huge brains? UNTY, an Egyptian clothing label primarily focused on T’s, was started by Omar Mobarek and a group of fresh grad AUC-ians seeking a to make a mark in the indie fashion world.

    We here at CG appreciate homegrown talent and we’re great believers in giving credit where credit is due – especially when it comes to fashion, videos and fashion videos.  Check out the teaser for their chic new ‘FAUX PAS’ collection. This teaser was produced by Ahmed El Ahwal and, much to their pleasure, it’s been getting quite a few hits.

    Play, watch, adore, repeat.

    For more info, check out UNTY’s Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter & Instagram.