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  • Understanding the Easter Essentials

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    By now i assume you must have heard about the ByGanz easter essentials, because if you haven’t then where the fuck have you been for the past month! its a 5 day retreat, with 3 parties and 6 djs. Taking your favourite nights such as Teadance, together with Toyboys & Friends to the sea.

    But what really are these essentials!

    well as always you know us here at CairoGossip, we love the music!

    So lets start with Pirupa! with his latest release called SHOUT…which is exactly what you will be doing off the coast of marassi, shouting your lungs out from excitment


    also what better wait to get acquinted with your DJ than listening to a live set of his, in party beach city… of maimi!

    but Pirupa is not the only boy coming to the Sea-Teadance… no there is the infamous Stef Manni

    but if these two HOT international djs are not enough they are backed up with the hottest in local talent, ToyBoys, Abou Samra, Aly Goede & Aly B with in this 3 day party retreat.

    notice how I keep using the word RETREAT… because the hotel would be taken up all byganz, with only byganz people, with only byganz party.. so its a bygranz retreat!

    its a retreat with the 6 of these …