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  • UK’s Royal Baby

    David Cameron will puff out his red cheeks for a royal baby-1512782

    If you are in the UK, hell if you are in anywhere in the world, you must have heard Prince William and Duchess Kate are having their baby due this weekend!

    This is big news, all the media from the world is camped out the St. Mary’s hospital in padington to try to to get the money shot of the baby, while the other half of the media are camped at Buckingham palace waiting the announcement of the gender of the baby as soon as he is born, this baby is very important as he is one of the heirs, and the first royal baby since god knows how long.

    One thing though I feel sorry for this baby, he/she is born in the time where he would get zero privacy, he is not even born yet and the whole WORLD is literally watching .. just check out that the amount of ladders camped out of the lindo wing at St. Mary’s