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  • Über Cool Uber Taxi Service Launches in Cairo


    Oh what a blessed time it is to live in Cairo! On-demand cab service, Uber, has arrived in Cairo, with the company promising to revolutionise the way people move in the Egyptian capital.

    Carrying the slogan “Everyone’s Private Driver”, the high-end service works over a smartphone app, which connects passengers with available drivers – and you can even track the car via the app once you’ve requested it. You won’t have to fumble around with money and change, either, as Uber automatically takes the fair from a registered credit or debit card.

    Actress, Esaad Younis, and filmmaker, Ahmad El Esseily, have already hopped on board with the cheap and reliable UberX service and they look pretty satisfied.

    Though Uber cars are available now, the move into Africa’s biggest capital is said to be in a ‘testing phase’ which is code-speak for, “chill out, we’re still trying to understand this mad city.” The service will be limited to Zamalek, Mohandiseen and Giza for the time being.

    You can download the app and register here.