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  • Uber & Bey2ollak Team Up


    Since arriving on these shores, Uber has proven to be an invaluable tool for Cairenes looking to get from A to B in Egypt’s forever busy and unpredictable capital. The on-demand taxi service hasn’t rested on its laurels, however, and has looked make its useful service all the more useful, with one of its latest initiative coming in the form of a collaboration with Bey2ollak.

    Beyond the promotional jargon of the partnership, the idea is simple but effective, with the collaboration set to make getting around Cairo a little bit easier. Users will now be able to order an Uber taxi from within the Bey2ollak app, with Uber drivers set to lean on Bey2ollak for the best way to get to your destination, making the service even more efficient.

    Since launching in Egypt, Uber has endeared itself to customers with several promotions – some more peculiar than others – including being in operation along the North Coast during ‘Sahel Season’, delivering ice cream during this summer’s brief heatwave and, most impressively, partnering with Harassmap. Oh, and who can forget the on-demand puppies.

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    By Kalam El Qahaira

    (Images: Uber/Bey2ollak)