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  • UAE Can’t Get Enough of Cairo, Says Expedia


    It seems that the smooth-styling, high-profiling, jet-flying, limousine-riding folk in the UAE can’t get enough of a bit of classic Cairo muck, after online travel company, Expedia, released its top twenty destinations for UAE residents in 2014.

    The list of twenty featured nine cities from across the Middle East, with Cairo sitting pretty in first place, ahead of European cities like London and Paris – see list below. The website goes on further to suggest that Emirati travel to Egypt’s capital increased by an impressive 70% in relation to 2013 and that Cairo, along with Beirut and Amman, will be a hotspot for UAE residents come June and July of this year – which is sort of ironic when you consider that most of us are clamouring to leave and get to the nearest beach during those months.

    Whatever the case, this all comes as welcomes news for Egypt and its increasingly erratic status as a safe holiday destination, though many in the west, of course, remain hesitant following the country’s unstable political climate.

    Top Twenty Holiday Destinations for UAE Residents

    1. Cairo
    2. Amman
    3. Beirut
    4. London
    5. Istanbul
    6. Bangkok
    7. Doha
    8. Manila
    9. New York
    10. Toronto
    11. Manama
    12. Muscat
    13. Jeddah
    14. Colombo
    15. Paris
    16. Male
    17. Riyadh
    18. Mumbai
    19. Kuwait City
    20. Washington DC