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  • U.S. Things Egypt Needs


    Locals tend to complain about Egypt’s shortfalls; both those who have never left the country and those who have. Sometimes you go abroad and strike harsh comparisons upon returning home. And let’s not forget the homesick expats. There are just certain things Egypt seems to be missing. 

    In that light, here is the second installment of the ‘Things Egypt Needs’ series – U.S. Things Egypt Needs: 


    Better Fast-Food Options

     fast food

    ‘Kentaaacky’ just isn’t cutting it. 




    The theatre culture in Cairo is in need of some major TLC. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a Broadway performance. 




    You go in for essentials, and come out with a new life plan. They have everything you could ever need. 


    Decent Television Channels


    CBC and MBC just aren’t bringing it. Imagine if we didn’t have to stream and pirate everything because it was actually readily available? 


    Barnes & Noble 


    Ever been to Diwan and not been able to find the book you were looking for? Yeah, that doesn’t happen at Barnes & Noble. 


    A Kardashian Family Equivalent 


    Because everyone needs a guilty pleasure. 


    Medicinal Marijuana


    This needs no explanation. 


    Home Depot


    Where else are we supposed to get our construction, plumbing, electrical and gardening gear from? Ataba? No thanks. 




    Crashing your car or breaking a bone might not break the bank if you had insurance. 


    Overly-Commercialised Holidays 

    commercial holidays

    Every holiday should have themed music and memorabilia. It’s time the country got decked out for Sinai Liberation Day.  


    And those are 10 things we should steal from the United States. 
    Any we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments! 


    By Salma Thanatos Rizk